(California Viking, 2020)
(Northern Records, 2002)
(Shogun Sounds, 2008)
(Shogun Sounds, 1999) *re-released on vinyl by Grand Theft Autumn Records, 2001

(Northern Records, 2006) *Double album includes the Pacifico LP
(Northern Records, 2004)
(Shogun Sounds/Anisette Records, 2001)
(Shogun Sounds/Grand Theft Autumn Records, 2001) *Split LP with Duraluxe

The El Dorado LP (Blue Sub Records, 2002 *European release only

Leaves California (Shogun Sounds, 2000) *Limited-edition

El Rey (Shogun Sounds/Anisette Records, 1999)

“Look All Ways” (Fast Sofa Records, 1999) *single included on the compilation CD The Buddy List

“Promise Ring (Alternate Version)” 7-inch single (Quietly Suburban Recordings, 1999) *split single with Sounds Like Sunset

Dive Bomber (Velvet Blue Music, 1998)

“Corona Del Mar” 7-inch single: “I’m Stealin’ to Be Your One in a Million” b/w “Save Yourself and Watch You Win (demo version)” (Velvet Blue Music, 1997)

California (Velvet Blue Music/Brainstorm, 1996)

with Cush

Cush (Northern Records, 2000)

with The Prayer Chain

Mercury (Rode Dog Records, 1995)
Shawl 25th Anniversary Concert (2018)
Humb (2011)
Live at CBGB’s 11.1.95 (2005)
Here Comes the Rust (2003)
So Close…Yet So Far (1998)
Antarctica (1996)
Mercury+Mercurios (Rode Dog Records, 1995) *Limited-edition collector’s tin
Shawl (Rode Dog Records, 1993)
Live EP (1994)
Whirlpool (1992)
Neverland Sessions (1991)

with Starflyer 59

Everybody Makes Mistakes (Tooth & Nail, 1999) *drums, percussion, background vocals
Fell in Love at 22 EP (Tooth & Nail, 1999)
The Fashion Focus (Tooth & Nail, 1998) *drums, percussion, background vocals
Americana (Tooth & Nail, 1997) *drums, percussion, background vocals
Plugged (Velvet Blue Music, 1996) *drums, background vocals, French
Le Vainqueur (1995) *drums, background vocals, French
Gold (Tooth & Nail, 1995) *vocal production

Misc. Production

Steve Hindalong, The Warbler (2016) *additional production, background vocals, percussion
Steve Hindalong, Skinny (Cadence Records, 1998)
My Friend Stephanie, Makeover (Innocent Media, 1996) *vocal production, cover model

Other Credits

Terry Scott Taylor, Imaginarium: Songs From the Neverhood (2004) *drums
The Choir, Free Flying Soul (1996)
“Wither Wing” (1998) *lead vocals